Match Fixtures

*Denotes a points match

** Denotes ticket only match, tickets must be purchased in advance off the match secretary.

There will be a license check before each club match.


27th OctoberCancelledCancelledCancelled Cancelled
3rd NovemberPresidents CupSteam Mills *9am10am- 3pm
10th NovemberCancelledCancelledCancelledCancelled
17th NovemberVs Yorkley ACRedhill Pennies *9am10am-3pm
20th NovemberNewent ACLightmoor
24th NovemberVs Iffers Drummonds9am10am-3pm
1st DecemberCancelledCancelledCancelledCanceleed
8th DecemberChristmas Match **Steam Mills9am10am-3pm
15th DecemberWinter AggregateCancelled Cancelled cancelled
18th December Newent AcLightmoor
29th December OpenSteam mills 9am10am-3pm
19th JanuaryWinter Aggregate Lightmoor 9am10am-3pm
22nd JanuaryNewent AcLightmoor
2nd FebruaryPoints MatchSteam mills *9am10am-3pm
16th FebruaryWinter Aggregate Lightmoor 9am10am-3pm
19th February Newent AcLightmoor
8th MarchTickle MemorialSteam Mills *9am10am- 3pm
18th MarchNewent AcLightmoor
22nd MarchIffers A.CSteam mills
29th MarchPoints MatchLightmoor *9am10am-3pm
19th AprilIffers A.C Lightmoor
22nd AprilNewent A.C Steam Mills
10th May Iffers A.C Steam Mills
17th MayGeorge Bond Charity **Cannop 19am10am – 3pm
31st MayClub MatchSteam mills9am10am- 3pm